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CorelDRAW X3 Unleashed

Model Number: CDU-X3-BOOK
750 page CorelDRAW ebook along with more than six hours of video tutorials.
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Note: This is delivered to you as a 500 MB downloadable file.

This is a 750 page ebook featuring full color pages of detailed information on getting the most from CorelDRAW X3. Not only will you get an illustrated description of how a feature works, you'll also get more than six hours of multimedia tutorials to help you fully understand what you've read. This book was fully designed to get the very most from the PDF format with links to useful Web pages, links to the multimedia tutorials and links to other related information within the book. Sample files are provided so that you can work along while reading and watching. This is the most complete learning tool available for CorelDRAW X3!

Table of Contents

Chapter i: Introduction

Chapter 1: Getting the Most Out of CorelDRAW X3

What’s In The Box; What Is CorelDRAW?; Before You Install; Installing CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3; Installing The Programs; Running CorelDRAW X3; Uninstalling CorelDRAW X3; New Features In CorelDRAW X3; Technical Support; About CorelDRAW; Answers to Your Most Common Questions; How Do I Set the Default Fill, Outline and Fonts?; How Can I Install All the Fonts Supplied With CorelDRAW?; Why Do the Colors On My Screen Look Dull?; How Do I Get Rid of the White Box Around Bitmaps?; My Machine Crashes Quite Often, How Can I Solve This?; Using the Rest of the CorelDRAW X3 Unleashed Disc; Learning More About CorelDRAW; Using CorelTUTOR; Hints Docker; Insights from the Experts; Corel On The Web; Companion Web Site; CorelDRAW Unleashed Boot Camps; On-Site Training; Phone Consultation; Add-Ons and Plug-Ins; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 2: Bitmap vs. Vector

Vector Graphics; Resolution and Quality; Colors and Fills; File Size; Common Formats; Bitmap Graphics; Resolution, Size and Quality; Color; File Size; File Formats; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 3: The CorelDRAW Interface

The CorelDRAW Window; The Startup Screen; Title Bar; Menu Bar; Standard Toolbar; Property Bar; Other Toolbars; Toolbox; Color Palette; Status Bar; Drawing Window; Dialog Boxes; Dockers; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 4: Drawing Predefined Shapes

Rectangles; Drawing Rectangles; Using the Modifier Keys; Drawing 3-Point Rectangles; Rounding Corners; Ellipses; Drawing Ellipses; Using the Modifier Keys; Drawing 3-Point Ellipses; Creating Arcs and Pie Wedges; Polygons; Drawing a Polygon; Modifying Polygons; Stars; Drawing a Star; Drawing Complex Stars; Modifying a Star; Spirals; Drawing Spirals; Graph Paper; Drawing Graph Paper; Perfect Shapes; Drawing Perfect Shapes; Modifying Perfect Shapes; Available Shapes; Smart Drawing Tool; Smart Drawing Tool Overview; A Few Smart Drawing Examples; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 5: Drawing Freehand Shapes & Lines

Freehand Tool; Bézier Tool; Artistic Media Tool; Presets; Brush; Object Sprayer; Calligraphic; Pressure; Artistic Media Docker; Ornamental Lines; Graphics Tablets; Pen Tool; Polyline Tool; 3-Point Curve Tool; Dimension Tool; Callouts; Interactive Connector Tool; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 6: Creating & Manipulating Text

Artistic Text; Creating Artistic Text; Paragraph Text; Creating Paragraph Text; Character Formatting; Font; Character Effects; Character Shift; Paragraph Formatting; Alignment; Spacing; Indents; Tabs and Indents; Frames and Columns; Bullets; Drop Cap; Hyphenation; Flowing Paragraph Text; Wrapping Text Around Graphics; Converting Between Artistic and Paragraph Text; Changing Case; Insert Symbol Character; Formatting Codes; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 7: Selecting & Transforming Objects

Selecting Objects; Selecting Objects with the Mouse; Digger Tool; Marquee Selection; Tabbing Around; Using the Menus; Manipulating Objects; Positioning Objects; Locking Objects; Resizing Objects; Rotating and Skewing Objects; Manipulating Objects with Other Tools; Free Transformation Tools; Free Rotation Tool; Free Angle Reflection Tool; Free Scale Tool; Free Skew Tool; The Transform Toolbar; Undoing All Transformations; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 8: Shaping Objects

The Shape Tool; Understanding Nodes; Selecting and Moving Nodes; Node Editing; Advanced Ellipse Shaping; Advanced Polygon Shaping; Shaping Bitmaps; Smudge Brush Tool; Roughen Brush Tool; Crop Tool; The Knife Tool; Freehand Knifing; The Eraser Tool; Virtual Segment Delete Tool; Fillet, Scallop & Chamfer; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 9: Working With Color

Color; RGB; Process; Spot; Using Color; Interactively Filling with Solid Color; The Fill Dialog Box; Eyedropper; Sampling and Filling with Color; More Than Just a Color; Color Styles; Creating Color Styles; Editing Color Styles; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 10: Filling Objects

Fountain Fills; Pattern Fills; Full Color Pattern Fills; Bitmap Pattern Fills; Texture Fills; PostScript Fills; Mesh Fill; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 11: Color Management

Why Colors Don’t Match; Color Management Settings Within CorelDRAW; Getting Device Profiles; Creating Device Profiles; Swatch Books; More Resources; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 12: Outlining Objects

Setting Outline Attributes; Outline Defaults; Using the Property Bar; Outline Pen Dialog Box; Style; Miter Limit; Corners; Line Caps; Behind Fill; Scale with Image; Arrowheads; Calligraphy; Removing Outlines; The Outline Flyout; Converting Outlines to Objects; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 13: Custom Arrowhead, Patterns & Characters

Creating Arrowheads; Creating Patterns; Usage Examples; A Pattern Template; Building a Simple Pattern; Creating Characters; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 14: Viewing, Zooming & Panning

Viewing Types; Display Options; Zooming; Using the Zoom Flyout; Using the Zoom Toolbar; Using the Standard Toolbar; Zooming with a Mouse Scroll Wheel; Navigator; Panning; Using the Hand Tool; Using Keyboard Panning; The View Manager; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 15: Object Ordering, Layers & the Object Manager

Ordering Objects; The Object Manager; Using Object Manager; Working with Objects; Moving Objects; Working with Layers; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 16: Rulers, Guidelines & Grids

Rulers; Measurement Systems; Working with the Rulers; Guidelines; Guideline Basics; Using Guidelines; Guideline Options; Guideline Presets; The Guidelines Layer; Local Guidelines; Dynamic Guidelines; Grids; Snap to Objects; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 17: Combining, Grouping & Converting to Curves

Combining; Knowing When Objects Are Combined; Using Combine to Create Effects; Breaking Apart; Breaking Apart Effects; Grouping and Ungrouping; Selecting Objects Within a Group; Converting to Curves; Converting Objects to Curves; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 18: Weld, Trim, Intersect & More

Add Shapes Together with Weld; Weld Options; Slicing Off the Perfect Shape with Trim; A Simple Project with Trim; Multiple Cookie Cutters; Trimming Multiple Objects; The Trim Docker; Intersecting; Intersection; Back Minus Front; Front Minus Back; Simplify; Boundary Tool; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 19: Align, Distribute, Duplicate, Copy & Paste

Aligning Objects; Aligning with the Keyboard; Distributing Objects; Duplicate and Smart Duplication; Step and Repeat; Copy and Paste; Paste Special; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 20: Clone & Symbols

Clone; Symbols; Using Symbols; Editing Symbols; Symbol Libraries; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 21: Enveloping, Distortion & Perspective

Enveloping; Envelope Modes; Modifier Keys; Using Presets; Create From; Mapping Modes; Enveloping Graphics; Distortion; Push and Pull Distortion; Zipper Distortion; Twister Distortion; Perspective; Adding Perspective; Editing Perspective; Removing Perspective; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 22: Extruding & Beveling

Extruding Objects; Extrude Types; Vanishing Point; Rotation; Lighting; Fills; Extrude Bevels; Interactive Extrude Tool; EZ Metrics; Beveling Objects; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 23: Graphing

Pie Charts; Bar Charts; Pasting Charts; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 24: Blending, Contouring & Drop Shadows

Blends; Blend Docker; Interactive Blends; Contour; Contour Docker; Interactive Contours; Contour Examples; An Upgrade to Contour; Drop Shadows; Simple Shadows; Interactive Drop Shadows; Options; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 25: Lens, Transparency & PowerClip

Lens; Transparency; Magnify; Brighten; Invert; Color Limit; Color Add; Tinted Grayscale; Heat Map; Custom Color Map; Wireframe; Fish Eye; No Lens Effect; Printing Lenses; Interactive Transparency Tool; Uniform Transparency; Fountain Transparency; Transparency Operations; Printing Transparencies; PowerClip; Creating a PowerClip; Editing PowerClips; Converting PowerClips; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 26: Fitting Text to a Path

The Basics; Using Menu Commands to Put Text on a Path; Interactively Putting Text on a Path; Text on a Curve/Object; Text on a Circle; Text on an Open Path; Interactively Moving All Text; Interactively Moving Characters; Hiding the Path; Editing the Text and Path; Fit Objects to Path; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 27: Distressed Artwork

Creating the Distress; Overlaying the Artwork; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 28: Scanning

Which Scanner?; Media Type; Resolution; Color Depth; Connection; Software; The Dreaded Resolution; Getting the Best Scan; Simple Corrections; Mode Conversion; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 29: Manually Tracing Bitmaps

Start with a Scan; Vectorizing Text is the Easiest; Digitizing the Artwork; Zigging and Zagging on the Tail; Following the Curves; Identifying the Mystery Font; The Starting Point; Converting from Mac to PC; Getting the Proper Spacing and Kerning; The Easiest Way to Recreate Logos; Redrawing the Logos?; The Logo Is Inn; Just Ask For It; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 30: Corel PowerTRACE

Preparing the Bitmap for Tracing; Tracing a Monochrome Image; Tracing a Color Logo; Setting Colors; Tracing a Photo; What’s Missing?; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 31: Opening, Importing, Saving & Exporting Files

Opening; Import; CDR (CorelDRAW); CMX (Corel Presentation Exchange); AI (Adobe Illustrator); EPS, PS, PRN (PostScript); PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format); WMF (Windows MetaFile), EMF (Enhanced MetaFile); CPT (Corel PHOTO-PAINT Image); PSD (Adobe Photoshop); TIF (TIFF Bitmap); PNG (Portable Network Graphics); JPG (JPEG Bitmap); GIF (Compuserve Bitmap); Save; Export; PDF (Portable Document Format); EPS (Encapsulated PostScript); Export For Office Wizard; WMF (Windows Metafile), EMF (Enhanced Metafile); AI (Adobe Illustrator); SWF (Flash); Exporting Bitmaps; CPT (Corel PHOTO-PAINT); TIF (TIFF Bitmap); PNG (Portable Network Graphic); JPG (JPEG Bitmap), JP2 (JPEG 2000); GIF (GIF Bitmap); Why Copy/Paste Can Be Bad; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 32: Page Setup & Labels

Using the Property Bar; Adding and Deleting Pages; Page Setup Dialog Box; Size; Layout; Labels; Background; Page Sorter; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 33: Color Adjustment and Bitmap Effects

Color Adjustment; Brightness/Contrast/Intensity; Color Balance; Hue/Saturation/Lightness; Invert; Bitmap Effects; Convert to Bitmap; Mode; Image Adjustment Lab; Special Effects; Plug-Ins; Quick Effects in Corel PHOTO-PAINT; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 34: Styles, Templates and Scrapbooks

Creating and Using Styles; Templates; Setting Up a Template; Saving the Template; Using the Template; CorelDRAW Design Collection; Using the Templates; Themed Templates; Learning; StockLayout Templates; Scrapbooks; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 35: Writing Tools

Find and Replace; QuickCorrect; Spell Checker; Automatic Spell Checking; Grammatik; Thesaurus; Language; Text Statistics; Document Info; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 36: Find and Replace Wizards

Replacing Color Models; Replacing Individual Colors; Replacing Outline Attributes; Replacing Text Attributes; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 37: Fonts, Font Management & Typography 547

What Is a Font?; Font Formats; TrueType Format; PostScript Fonts; OpenType; Choosing a Font Format; Font Management; Cleaning Things Up; Deleting Fonts; Adding Your Fonts; Managing Your Fonts; Basic Typography; Typographical Terms; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 38: Creating Your Own Fonts in CorelDRAW

Creating a Font in CorelDRAW; Creating the Template; Creating a Handwriting Font; Finishing the Font in FontLab; Using Your New Font; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 39: Web Graphics

Web Pages and Sites; Web Graphics; Which File Format; Using the Correct Colors; How Big is the Browser Window?; How Big Should the Files Be?; Creating a GIF File; Optimizing a GIF file in Corel PHOTO-PAINT; Creating a JPEG File; JPEG 2000; PNG; Saving as PNG; Image Map; Image Slicing; SWF; Exporting to SWF; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 40: Printing

Potential Problems; Misregistration; Complexity; Banding; Scan Resolution; Color Models; Dealing with the Service Bureau; Adobe Illustrator (AI); Encapsulated PostScript (EPS); CorelDRAW (CDR); Portable Document Format (PDF); PostScript Print File (PRN); Printing a Color Separation; Printer Driver Compatibility; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 41: Imposition and Print Merge

Imposition; Print Merge; Creating the Data; Creating the Graphic; Merging Data with Graphics; Advanced Techniques of Print Merge; Serializing Data; Using a Spreadsheet or Database; Add-Ons for Even More; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 42: Publishing PDF Files

The Adobe Acrobat Family; Preparing a File for PDF; Publish to PDF; General; Objects; Document; Prepress; Security; Advanced; Preflight; Modifying PDFs with Acrobat; Links; Forms; Web Capture; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 43: Customization of CorelDRAW

Workspaces; Customizing the Interface; Commands and Buttons; Shortcut Keys; Editing Icons; Sharing Workspaces; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 44: Automation of CorelDRAW

Visual Basic for Applications; Recording a Macro; Running a Macro; Customizing a Macro; More Resources; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 45: Calendar Wizard

Running the Calendar Wizard; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 46: Third Party Add-Ons

A Signs; SignTools for CorelDRAW; Clipart deSIGN; Amazing Pinstripings; Ultimate Flames Mega Pack; Ultimate Flames Mega Pack 2; Vehicle Graphics Mega Pack; Vehicle Tribals Mega Pack; Digital Art Solutions; CoCut; CoCut Pro; Name Drop Xpress; Smart Designer; SmartCut Pro; SmartVector Pro; Production Ready Digital Art; Kinnetic FX; GridDRAW; Oberon; All Tangents; Calendar Wizard 4.1; Copy to Adobe Illustrator; Crop Marks; Curve Effects; Delete Segment; File Name Inserter; Jigsaw Puzzle Creator; Limit Colors; Oberon Color Replacer; Oberon CurveWorks; Oberon Fit Objects to Path; Oberon Function Plotter v1.5; Oberon Object Tiler; Oberon Selection Manager; Oberon Thumbnailer; Round Corners; SecuriDesign; Select Guidelines; Three Point Arc; Rainbow Team; Rainbow Designer Suite; Unleashed Productions; EZ Metrics; Unleashed FX; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 47: Embroidery

New Artwork; Choosing Fabric; Preparing Artwork for Embroidery; Outlines vs. Objects; Jump Stitches; Removing Overlaps; Eliminating Excess Nodes; Reducing Colors; Small Text; Converting To Stitch Pattern; Saving a Stitch File; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 48: Laser Engraving

Creating Laser Ready Artwork; Conversion to Grayscale and Black & White; Creating Shapes; Using Colors; Exporting to PLT; Adjusting Page Orientation; Mail Merge; 3D Laser Carving; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 49: Screen Printing

Using Spot Colors; Color Reduction; Preparing Fills for Output; Preparing Outlines for Output; Trapping; Creating an Underbase; Registration Color; Creating Separations; Mesh Screens; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 50: Vinyl Cutting and Printing

Creating Vinyl Ready Drawings; Minimizing Nodes; Overlapping Objects; Dealing with Outlines; Ganging Artwork; Boundary; Cutting Vinyl; Weeding; Transfer Tape; Heat Transfer; Print and Cut; Chapter Wrap

Chapter 51: Sublimation

What is Sublimation?; Color Management; Color Adjustment; Print Merge; Chapter Wrap

Appendix A: About the Disc

Adobe Reader 7; Tutorial Movies; Sample Files; ROMCat

Appendix B: Production Notes

Appendix C: Author Biography