Authentic Nelson Mandela Ballots

Nelson Mandela Ballots

Authentic Nelson Mandela Ballots Are Collector’s Item in Limited Supply

1994 ballot from South Africa’s first free election, which ended apartheid and brought Nelson Mandela to power as President. The ballot has voting instructions in the 11 official languages of South Africa and the candidates are indicated by full-color pictures and party symbols. Security features include watermarks and microprinting. Staple marks in left margin reflect the fact that ballots were distributed to voting stations in stapled books. Each ballot measures 7.75″ x 12″

The ballot papers, which are symbols of that historic event are now collectors’ items and are in a limited supply. Get your authentic ballot before they are all gone!

Nelson Mandela Ballot Side View
Nelson Mandela section of 1994 South African election ballot
IEC strip from Nelson Mandela ballotIEC watermark on Nelson Mandela ballotAbove you can see section of the ballot where Nelson Mandela is listed. Notice the watermarking included by the IEC to verify ballots were authentic. The area highlighted above right in red is shown in a larger view at right. The letters IEC are repeated in black and look like a vertical gray stripe when viewed from a slight distance. There is a similar strip along the left side of the ballot also highlighted in red.

At left you can see a zoomed view of the green area marked on the ballot. This shows the background watermark that covers the majority of the ballot along with the flag for Mandela’s party, the ANC.

Each of the ballots is also individually number sequentially. Ballots were supplied in books of 100 stapled together so you will see the small staple holes on the left side of the ballot. A box of ballots included 15 books of 100 for a total of 1500 ballots.

The ballots were printed before the election. Inclusion of the IFP candidate meant that just days before the election, rolls of stickers were printed with the IFP party information & candidate image. These were to be attached by poll workers before distribution to each voter. Since these ballots never arrived at the polls, the IFP candidate stickers were never attached to these original ballots. A sticker (unattached) will be supplied for each ballot you purchase and you can decide if you wish to attach it or keep it separate.

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